14-19 Behind Front & Rear Wheels - Stingray  (Set)

14-19 Behind Front & Rear Wheels - Stingray (Set)

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* Protects behind each wheel 
* Cleartastic® "Plus" Film
* Invisible Once Applied! 
* Self Healing film!  Small Marks &  Scratches, Repair & Vanish Over Time!
* No Cutting or Measuring!  Pre-cut & Specifically Designed to Easily Apply in Minutes!
* Outstanding Protection! Withstand Rocks, Road Debris & Human Abuse 
* Provides Years of Protection. 
* Great For Racing Conditions & Everyday Driving
Proudly made In The USA! 

Its not if, its when….
Unfortunately your Beautiful Corvettes paint is delicate & vulnerable.  So many areas are prone to getting hit & peppered by rocks and stones while simply out for a cruise. Protect the your paint behind the front and back of your tires without changing the look of your Corvette with Cleartastic® paint protection kits.
A great alternative to mud flaps.

Cleartastic® kits are 100% "do-it-yourself" applications. We specifically design our kits so anyone can easily apply them with professional results every time. 
Precision cut so there's no measuring & no cutting!  Perfect cut for a perfect fit.  You easily apply it your self.

Cleartastic® is a clear high end flexible film that creates an invisible barrier which prevents paint chips, scratches & stains.  It withstands harsh weather and extreme high speeds.
The film has “Self Healing” Characteristics so scratches & swill marks will vanish automatically overtime! 
® has a mild adhesive to make it a set it and forget it film. Provides years & years of protection. Smooth as glass appearance make it invisible once applied. Wash & wax over the film. Treat it like your paint. 

So why drive to another venue and have a stranger on your car?  Cleartastic® "do-it-yourself" kits save you time money and of course your paint
The Clear choice in paint protection since 1996!   Proudly made In The USA! 

Set includes left & right side!  This kit protects behind the front & rear wheels- Stingray

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