15-19 GS, Z06 Rocker, Brake Duct & Lower Door Cleartastic®  Protection kit

15-19 GS, Z06 Rocker, Brake Duct & Lower Door Cleartastic® Protection kit

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• Replaces the factory piece & offers MORE protection
• The leading painted brake duct is even protected!  
 Included is protection for the lower door too!  
 Invisible once applied!
• Pre-cut & designed so anyone can apply with professional results!   
• Self healing characteristics! Small marks & scratches, vanish over time!
• Apply in Minutes!
• This kit protects in front of the rear wheel , the rocker & under the door. 
• Outstanding protection! Withstand rocks, road debris & human abuse 
• Provides years of protection. 
• Great for racing conditions & everyday driving
• Proudly made In The USA! 

Your GS & Z06 comes from very little protection film from the factory. There's so much still exposed including the brakes painted edge! You will absolutely get chips all around that area!  
This new Cleartastic® kit protects provides MORE full coverage. Seam to Seam.  Even a portion under the door is protected. The best part is its all invisible! 

Cleartastic® kits are 100% "do-it-yourself" applications. We specifically design our kits so anyone can easily apply them with professional results every time. 
Perfect cut for a perfect fit.

Cleartastic® is a clear high end flexible film that creates an invisible barrier which prevents paint chips, scratches & stains.  It withstands harsh weather and extreme high speeds.
The film has “Self Healing” Characteristics so scratches & swill marks will vanish automatically overtime! 
® has a mild adhesive to make it a set it and forget it film. Provides years & years of protection. Smooth as glass appearance make it invisible once applied. Wash & wax over the film. Treat it like your paint. A great alternative to mud flaps. 

So why drive to another venue and have a stranger on your car?  Cleartastic® "do-it-yourself" kits save you time money and of course your paint
The Clear choice in paint protection since 1996!   Proudly made In The USA! 

Set includes left & right side!  Protects the ENTIRE area in front of the rear wheel, the painted brake duct edges, the vulnerable portion of the rocker and the bottom of the door.

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