Q: What is different about Cleartastic then the other protective films on the market?
A: All other protective films use Glue/adhesives which permanently affixes to your paint. Cleartastic has no
adhesives. It adheres to the surface via a unique developed cling vinyl which can withstand  extreme hot & cold        
temperatures, rain, sleet, snow and high speeds.
No adhesives  means you can leave the film on or remove it and reuse it when ever you want, over and over again.
Leaves no residue. Won‘t harm your clear coat. This is also very appealing to older cars with original or delicate
No adhesives means no dirt or wax residue will stick to the edges and create unsightly lines.
You can easily apply all of our kits yourself.

Q: Is the film just static cling?
A: No. Our film is by no means a typical Cling. No cling will withstand outdoor abuse and high speeds as mention
above. Our unique film also has UV inhibitors to slow down yellowing from the sun. Any other film will not only work, it
could hurt your finish.

Q: Does it stay on at speed and in the rain?
A:  Yes. We have wind tested up to 160 mph in dry and in wet conditions. Held rock solid.

Q: Does it apply with Alcohol like other films?
A:  No. You apply it with water.

Q: How do you remove it?
A  No chemicals or heat guns needed. Just grab a corner and peel. Leaves no residue.

Q: Do I have to remove my wax or polish before installing?
A: No. We promote using a good carnauba wax or Zaino Polish before you apply our film.

Q:  Can I wash over it?  
A:  Yes.  You could leave your kit s on and wash right over them. You can also use Zaino (Z6) over it too.

Q:  How thick is the film and how well does it protect my paint?
A:  Our film is a true 8mil. Tough enough to protect your paint from flying rocks and road debris. The hardest
recorded hit was by a customer who scrapped a concrete curb! It did destroy the Cleartastic piece for that area BUT,
not a scratch on his paint! He easily removed the piece and inexpensively replace it. Much cheaper and faster then a
new paint job.

Q:  Can you see it on the car?
A:  Our film is ultra clear and disappears  once applied. They are practically  invisible even up close.  

Q: What other advantage is there to using Cleartastic?
A: Whats comforting is that after time, your kits will get abused (thats what they are designed for) however since
they  have the ability to be easily removed, you never have something permanently stuck to your car with nicks and
A Fantastic Alternative In Paint Protection!
Patented Product . Made in the USA!
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