Now There's Two Great Engineered Films!
For over 15 years Cleartastic has helped enthusiasts easily keep their paint  chip free.

Cleartastic had no adhesives and till this day, it still does not.
However because some cars have more complexed curves, we created another film to help deal with this,
Its called
Cleartastic PLUS. This film has a mild adhesive. Same outstanding protection. Same optically
clear film which is invisible once applied. Same pain staking hours spent on designing the worlds easiest
kits to apply to your car!
Why is Cleartastic The #1 Choice For Protecting Behind Your Wheels & Other Protruding Areas?
Lets face it, behind each of your wheels gets sand blasted.  What could be better then an inexpensive,  invisible
barrier that you can easily apply yourself plus it
does not change the look of your ride......
Introducing,  Meticulously design  A great alternative to ubsightly mud flaps! Our kits do a great job protecting  what
gets past mud flaps & guards. Cleartastic and Cleartastic
PLUS kits protect what even vulnerable painted area they
are directly placed on!
More then just " Behind Wheel" Protection?
You bet!
Cleartastic and Cleartastic
PLUS kits protect most areas exposed on your vehicle that are subjected  to rocks, road
debris or human abuse (door sill areas..etc)
Why are Cleartastic brand kits so easy to apply?
Lets start with the shapes of the pieces first.
Cleartastic brand kits are designed with you in mind.  We create these kits knowing the enthusiast probably has no
experience working with protection film.  No generic patterns or cutting here.
We put
weeks into designing each inch of each section to ensure a perfect fit,  making it easy for you to apply along
the way!

Next, the film...
Our films, both Cleartastic and Cleartastic
PLUS,  have  incredible flexible characteristics, which add to the ease of
applying the kits!
How do Cleartastic Films Look Once Applied?
Both Cleartastic films become invisible once applied. Our films are noticeably optically clear over other paint
protection films. Cleartastic films do not have an “orange peel” look but more of a smooth as glass appearance.
This obviously translates into a better finish once applied to your vehicle!
Accept no imitations with false claims. Cleartastic has been protecting paint for almost 20 years. ...a name you can trust.
★ Our film is extremely flexible which allows for an easy install.
★ It also has "self healing" characteristics which means some small marks, nicks will vanish over time!
★ Superior optical clarity. Goes on crystal clear to create an invisible barrier and allow your beautiful paint to come through.
★ Extremely tough to withstand rocks, road debris and human abuse.
Since 1996 we have been personally designing our kits knowing the enthusiast probably has no experience
working with protection film. So the application is easy and the fit is perfect. More important, you apply it so you
don't have to drive to another venue and have a stranger all over your car!

Our kits save you time, money, stress and of course your paint!.