I have used your product for many years. Thanks to Cleartastic, its kept my 97 a "Best of show winner "! My car never leaves
home without it. I personally leave them on all season. Thank you for a great product.

Prt .Jefferson NY
“Ed and the entire cleartastic gang,
I wanted to write and thank you for a great product that is truly a paint saver.
Your product is easy to apply. I got the complete C5 package and have run well over the posted highway speeds with no
problems at all.
The most important thing I was looking for was obviously paint protection... I recently had my baby at Huntington Beach Body
Works. Its completely custom and one of a kind. I wanted something safe to protect it while still being able to show off the paint.
Keep up the great work and awesome customer satisfaction”

Jim S
New Bloomfield  Pa.
I love my Cleartastic.  They keep my Mustang's rear bumper free from rock chips.Thanks for making a fantastic product!

"I originally purchased the Cleartastic product for the 50th Anniversary Caravan to Bowling Green, and they have been on the
car ever since.  This is a great product, easy to apply, and virtually invisible. In the five months that I've had the Cleartastic on
my car I have won or received a class award in several shows.
I can't think of a better testimonial to this product.
I thank you and my paint thanks you!"

Steve C
Flower Mound, Texas
“I wanted to thank you again for your product. Cleartastic has worked very well in protecting the paint. It has held up under
rain & snow. I really like that Cleartastic is quickly and cleanly removable (and replaceable) when I want to temporarily remove
“I appreciate that the paint is protected from wheel well sand blasting that often occurs at autocross courses plus an
occasional errant pylon. I'm planning to leave them on for Mid-Ohio's road course this May.
Thanks again,”

“Your product is fantastic! I have used it on my Mustang for quite some time now. Racked up many miles. It was easy to
apply. You can’t see it on the car.  Protects like a champ!   Your customer service is also second to none.
From one car enthusiast to another…. Thanks! “

Ken M
Kissimmee FL
After a few members from my club showed me your product on their cars I immediately purchased 2 kits. There was no way
my new Vette was going to get trashed like my previous 99.  Great investment! Great protection! I already took a few nasty
hits. My paint however is just fine! Thanks for  an A1 product and service!

Scott T
Just wanted to tell you that the kit for in front of my rear wheels on my 81 Corvette is the ticket.
Great protection and you can't even see them.  In fact I'm a little tired from getting up and down from our last show, showing
people exactly where they were! Thanks for a terrific product and the exercise. Keep up the good work!"

Ron R.
Oceanside NY
The Clear Choice In Paint Protection!
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Craig's Corvette protected for 100 miles at an average speed of 140 mph
(top speed 165)!
The Clear Choice In Paint Protection
I seriously want to thank you for helping me achieve my recent 1st place trophy at the 2005 Vette Perfection show at
Woodard Chevrolet in Fairfield California, this past weekend. Your Cleartastics performed perfectly.

I'm sure that you understand the criticalness of being 100% factory when a car is judged in the stock class, and without your
product, I couldn't have kept my paint protected without mounting some ugly mud flaps. But instead, they were nearly
invisible for the show.

I've use Cleartastics for 4 years. I couldn't be happier.

Finally Ed, you are the part of this package that makes it the best. You treat customers like friends and that's what makes
you number one in my book.

Thanks again.
Your long distance friend,
Donald Steckly
Vacaville, CA
I’m really pleased with this new kit ---
it's fantastic!  Since there are no
overlaps it’s invisible. I really think
you've done a fantastic job !

Scott O "Bugman"
Lewes DE
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