Below are some tips we think you might find helpful. But first some Basic IMPORTANT
procedures you should always follow when applying Cleartastic.

1- Make sure you wash the area where you will be applying the your Cleartastic kit/pieces.

2-Regardless how clean your car is, make sure you wax or Zaino the area you are going to
place your Cleartastic kit on.

3-Spray/wet the paint. Wipe dry with a cotton towel. Then spray/wet the paint again and

4-When applying your kit make sure you use PLENTY of water(solution). The "wetter the
better" Spray the Cleartastic too. While its on the car...spray it again..

5- Temperature should be at least 65-70 when applying.
1- Try using Distilled water instead of tap.(Caution- Do not heat /microwave distilled water)

2- In conjunction with a spray bottle, Take a bucket and fill it with warm water. Add a few
drops of Dawn soap ( Proportion the drops to the amount listed in the instructions. Don't
use soaps with hand conditioners in it).
Spray the paint. Then after peeling the backing off, submerge the Cleartastic in the
This not only gets the piece real wet but will cleanse the piece of any lint or partials on it
and could get under it when applying.

3- If your familiar with Zaino products, try mixing a 50/50 mix of Z6 and distilled water and
use that to wet up the surface and the piece instead of water.